Corporate Profile

Banco BTG Pactual is an investment bank and asset and wealth manager with a dominant franchise in Brazil, and a successful international investment and distribution platform.

Business Units

We support companies, financial institutions, investment funds, governments and individuals and legal entities by offering all our investment expertise, with innovative look and good ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) practices. We understand the needs of each of our customers and offer the best in products and services:

  • Investment Banking. Financial advisory and capital markets services;
  • Corporate Lending. Financing, structured credit and loan guarantees to corporations;
  • Sales and Trading. Financial products and services to a diverse group of clients in local and international markets, including market-making, brokerage and clearing services, and derivatives, interest rate, foreign exchange, equities, energy and commodities transactions for hedging and trading purposes;
  • Asset Management. Management services with a broad range of products across major Brazilian and international asset classes to Brazilian and international clients;
  • Wealth Management. Investment advisory and financial planning services and investment products to high net worth individuals, or HNWI; and
  • Participations. Holding minority interest in certain economic groups, in Brazil and abroad, mainly in financial products and services.


Banco BTG Pactual was founded in 1983 and has operated as a meritocratic partnership since its inception.

Currently, Banco BTG Pactual has offices on three continents, and provides a comprehensive range of financial services to a Brazilian and global client base that includes corporations, institutional investors, governments and high net worth individuals.

Banco BTG Pactual has approximately 2,188 professionals and offices in three continents: South America (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Recife, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Medellín, Bogotá, Lima, Buenos Aires and Santiago), North America (New York, Miami and Ciudad de México) and Europe (London and Luxembourg).