CCRR and BTG Pactual Private Equity Fund join forces

BTG Pactual Private Equity Fund joins forces with CCRR (company resulting from the merger of Colacril and RR Etiquetas)

São Paulo, 1 November 2011 - BTG Pactual’s private equity fund has invested in CCRR, market leader in adhesives, labels and specialty paper in Latin America. CCRR is the entity resulting from the merger of Colacril (the largest adhesives plant in Latin America) and RR Etiquetas (which introduced the bar code system into Brazil). The (consumption-related) sector has been growing 10% p.a. in volume terms.

BTG Pactual’s investment helped consolidate the merger between Colacril and RR Etiquetas, concluded in June 2011. The platform created a company with strong growth potential and a complete portfolio of products and raw materials, namely:

  • self-adhesive tags for the most varied applications, RFID, electronic labels, printers and applicators;
  • integrated automation solutions for identification, pricing, weighing and codification processes in industry, retail and services;
  • paper and self-adhesive film for labeling and tagging pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and beverage products;
  • reflectors for road signaling and vehicle license plates.

The partnership will combine CCRR’s +50-year experience and knowledge in the self-adhesive sector with the investment capacity of BTG Pactual.

“The combination of industrial production, sales and financial management abilities and the expected growth of our markets strengthens us and positions us for a new growth cycle”, stated Valdir Gaspar and Ricardo Rodrigues, founders of Colacril and RR Etiquetas, respectively.

“We identified in this opportunity experienced partners and a platform ready to capitalize on the sector’s growth potential”, said Carlos Fonseca and Marcelo Hallack, BTG Pactual partners from the Merchant Banking division.

The merger of CCRR and BTG Pactual will also strengthen Brazil’s industry, providing resources for research and development of new products and solutions.

RR Etiquetas
RR Etiquetas, founded in 1986, is one of the companies responsible for implementing the bar code in Brazil. Leader in the supply of self-adhesive tags used as media in the automation systems for identification, codification, pricing and process management, especially developed for a wide range of surfaces and applications.

RR Etiquetas has industrial units in São Paulo (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Montevideo (Uruguay), and annual production tag capacity of over 45mn m2. It serves 75% of the supermarket segment and the leading sectors of industry, retail and services, with a portfolio of 14,000 clients.

Founded in 1984 and located in Campo Mourão (Paraná), Colacril is the largest and most modern self-adhesives industry in Latin America. A 100% Brazilian company manufacturing over 100 paper and auto-adhesive film products, for the domestic and international markets, with a presence in over 20 countries and annual production capacity of 450mn m2.

BTG Pactual Private Equity Fund
CCRR will be included in the portfolio of the BTG Pactual Brazil Investment Fund I private equity fund, which was closed to new investments in June 2011 when its NAV stood at US$1.6bn. In addition to CCRR, the portfolio also features Estre Ambiental (#1 player in the Brazilian waste management and environmental sanitation sector), Brazil Pharma (holding company managing pharmaceutical sector assets), Brasbunker (holding of leading companies in the sectors of support services for offshore platforms, maritime fuel transport (bunkering) and environmental protection services).

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