BTG Pactual signs up to United Nations Global Compact

Objective is to do business in line with values linked to human rights, the environment, labor relations and anti-corruption

BTG Pactual is now a signatory of the Global Compact of the United Nations, an initiative developed by ex-General Secretary Kofi Annan with the aim of engaging the business community in the adoption of values linked to human rights, the environment, labor relations and anti-corruption.

By signing such pacts, in practice we become more selective in our business deals and in our choice of suppliers. We also now adopt better practices at the Bank’s offices - such as the adoption of Selective Waste Collection at our São Paulo office. Signing up to these pacts also gives us greater credibility and should increase the degree of investor confidence, as we become more transparent in our practices.

About the Global Compact

The Global Compact, established in 10 Principles, is an initiative of major international recognition, in which over 5,200 organizations from various sectors participate. Together, the signatories seek to promote sustainable growth and citizenship via committed and innovative corporate leaderships. For more information, please visit:


This year, BTG Pactual became a signatory of another UN initiative: Principles for Responsible Investment. This agreement is based on principles that value social, environmental and corporative governance aspects (known as ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance - aspects) in carrying out investments. The principles lead the signatories to adopt adequate processes for their asset management structures to facilitate responsible/sustainable investment practices.

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