Competitive Advantages and Strategy

Competitive Advantages

Banco BTG Pactual’s competitive strengths include:

  • Substantial presence in Latin America, where it is a dominant Investment Bank, Asset Manager and Wealth Manager, with a leading franchise in the business it operates. Banco BTG Pactual is one of the leading players in Latin America’s financial services industry, which it believes to be one of the most attractive financial services market globally. Given its substantial presence in the region, Banco BTG Pactual believes that it is positioned to participate and benefit from Latin America. Banco BTG Pactual is one of the premier brands for Investment Banking, Asset Management, Wealth Management and Sales and Trading in Brazil and Latin America, and one of the largest independent investment banks based in an emerging market.
  • Established international Asset Management platform. Banco BTG Pactual has international Asset Management platforms in London and New York that, together with its Brazil offices, provide investment products and services in emerging and global markets to its client base.
  • Distinctive culture stressing intellectual capital, meritocracy, entrepreneurship and an unprecedented alignment of interests. Banco BTG Pactual operates under a partnership model and a flat management structure that emphasizes the value of intellectual capital, entrepreneurship and meritocracy in all regions and markets it operates. Banco BTG Pactual believes this model is the key to its success. Banco BTG Pactual is managed by its Senior Management, the management of which includes the Bank’s operations in Brazil and abroad.
  • Track record of strong growth with consistent profitability through various economic cycles while maintaining strong capital ratios and rigorous risk controls. Banco BTG Pactual has generated strong and consistent earnings through several economic cycles, being profitable in the past two decades. While Banco BTG Pactual seeks strong and consistent results, it also focus on consistently maintaining strong capital ratios and an adequate risk profile. Likewise, Banco BTG Pactual maintains a strict discipline of risk and internal control management. Banco BTG Pactual believes that its track record of consistently maintaining a higher capital ratio than that required by the Brazilian Central Bank while consistently generating attractive returns on equity highlights its ability to deploy capital efficiently.
  • Experienced management team and motivated work force. Banco BTG Pactual has a group of highly talented professionals with a strong reputation in the Brazilian and international financial markets. This group was responsible for establishing and implementing the strategies that permitted Banco BTG Pactual to become one of Brazil’s leading financial institutions.
  • Diversified portfolio of businesses. Banco BTG Pactual believes it has successfully diversified its business operations and sources of revenues to maximize opportunities for leveraging its client relationships across business units, as well as to best position itself to exploit any change in market conditions throughout the world.

Banco BTG Pactual seeks to implement the following strategies:

  • Allocate resources mainly in the main business areas that historically structured Banco BTG Pactual. Banco BTG Pactual has been implementing measures to ensure the strengthening of its liquidity and preservation of its capital, with a prudent and conservative approach. Banco BTG Pactual expects to focus its resource allocation in its core activity, as Investment Banking, Wealth Management, Sales and Trading, and Corporate Lending.
  • Maintain Banco BTG Pactual’s differentiated culture. Differently from other Investment Banking and Asset Management institutions in Brazil and around the world that went public in the past, Banco BTG Pactual has implemented a series of measures to ensure that its Partnership model is perpetuated. Its Partnership model gives the right, at any time and for any reason, to require that any Partner disposes of its respective Partnership Share, entirely or partially. Should this right be exercised against any Partner, the respective Partnership Stake may be resold to other Partners or new officers. This Partnership right shall remain indefinite and shall be exercisable towards the entire Partnership capital. With this, Banco BTG Pactual expects that the entire Partnership Share will never be eligible to be sold in the market or to third parties, except in specific situations, such as the sale of Banco BTG Pactual in its entirety or in case of a new public offering.
  • Benefit from attractive growth opportunities through Banco BTG Pactual’s strategic stake. Banco BTG Pactual intends to develop its business through its shareholding in certain assets considered strategic. Banco BTG Pactual expects these strategic investments to provide growth opportunities and increase profitability for its current businesses.
  • Strengthen Banco BTG Pactual’s international operations in Latin America. Banco BTG Pactual’s presence in important financial markets such as São Paulo, New York and London allows it to better explore business opportunities from different regions and demonstrates its continuous search for diversification. Banco BTG Pactual believes that there are attractive opportunities for a global selective expansion and intends to seek out such opportunities. Banco BTG Pactual believes that its strong reputation and global presence will enable it to (i) expand its offerings to a global client base; (ii) expand its Investment Banking activities to other countries; and (iii) attract additional talents and teams.