BTG Pactual operates as a Partnership, in which the Partners – individuals who comprise the controlling shareholders group in the business – are also executives of the Bank. This merit-based model shapes our corporate culture and drives success in our different fronts of operations. Some of the Partnership’s benefits and advantages include:

  • Long-term commitment to corporate goals, so the career development follows the construction of sustainable results;
  • Effective synergy among the various business areas, encouraging teamwork to maximize the supply of integrated solutions to the market;
  • Extensive customer focus in order to identify and capitalize on market opportunities;
  • Maintaining a lean and cost-effective organizational structure; and
  • Attracting and developing talent, who identify in the Bank the opportunity to build successful careers.

Thus, the adoption of the Partnership results in an alignment of long-term interests that leads BTG Pactual to higher results. For this reason, BTG Pactual has defined several measures to ensure that the Partnership model is perpetuated.

One example is the setting of the group right of partners to, at any time and for any reason, cause any Partner to dispose of all or part of its respective share of the business. This right remains indefinitely, applicable to the whole the Partnership’s capital – which prevents the sale of the total participation in the market or to third parties, except in some situations, such as the sale of the entire Bank or a new public offering of shares.

As a result, maintaining the model and the Partners’ significant interest in the Bank’s capital ensures the continued commitment of executives to the success of the business, while strengthening our culture, consolidating competitive advantages and ensuring the training – both current and future – of highly qualified and engaged leaders. Since most of the partners keep a significant portion of their personal wealth in Partnership share, the alignment of interests is evident, which leads to an even more rigorous analysis of the risks assumed in our sales and trading activities. Allied to the continuous execution of strategies that emphasize long-term growth, in a consistent and profitable manner, this alignment leads to excellence and, consequently, recognition.